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Join us for a special event.
Sunday October 2nd, 2022, 4:00pm

Irwin Guides, 330 Belleview, Crested Butte, Colorado
(Look for signs directing you to the back alley and up the stairs)

Aspect Avy is on a mission: Zero Avalanche Deaths… And we need your Help.

In our community, we’ve all known folks who have died in an Avalanche. We’ve had our own close calls.
Our leadership team will be giving a talk on how our product will help add clarity to the forecast, remove the uncertainty and provide the tools needed to choose and execute a low risk tour.
Aspect Avy screens out 100% of Avalanche Deaths from last 10yrs in CO.  
Aspect Avy’s Data Driven approach is Backcountry Avalanche Safety made Simple.
We’re asking the Backcountry Community to help make this a reality.

Here’s your chance to be a part of this revolutionary solution.
We're looking for:
Beta Testers & Investors who believe in this mission
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Saturdays Speakers

Jeff Banks


Internationally Certified Mountain Guide, Former Avalanche Forecaster + North American Ski Mountaineering Champion + Dad

JB Leach



Award winning product designer and technology innovator, Die hard skier + Dad

Basil Geoghegan

Early Investor


Former Managing director at Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Ski Mountaineer, Chamonix local + Dad

Why we do it
Skiing in the back country is inherently dangerous. To make the right decision every day, every time, it takes years of experience and advanced training. The terrain and variables are simply too complex and varied.

At AspectAvy, we want to provide a tool that can be used alongside the proper training that simplifies the process and helps back country users understand and lower their risk. We should all be able to confidently navigate avalanche terrain, have fun, and come home safely.
understanding the danger

Clear Recommendation

Statistics on avalanches show a clear relationship between the stability of the snowpack and the slope angle in which avalanches occur. We use this information to provide recommendations that take the guesswork out of determining WHERE the safe slopes are.

understanding the problem

Making the Danger Clear

Data collected on avalanche accidents shows a clear relationship between the problem and where accidents occur. It’s not enough to be aware of the problem, riders need to take active steps to avoid those areas.

How it Works

Addressing the Human Factor

We all have our blind spots. When ignored these blind spots can lead to tragic consequences in the back country. We help riders identify their blind spots by coaching them to avoid their biases, improve their planning and execute on processes that will effectively manage their risk.

Using Data From Past Accidents

We leverage research on avalanches and avalanche accidents that's been collected over several decades. With this data, the algorithm is able to screen out 90% of accidents.

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on managing your group, the terrain and fun. AspectAvy chooses the slopes and angles that have the same risk level as everyday activities like driving.

Evaluating Your Tour to Get Better

AspectAvy gives the rider alerts when they're approaching dangerous terrain, decision points, and when they've strayed from the plan.

At the end of each tour, feedback is given on how well the group stuck to their plan, the risk they were exposed to, and how to improve for next time.


“Riders new to the backcountry seem to understand they need a Level 1 Avy course before heading out. But then what? People need a follow up, a script, a program to follow and get feedback. Aspect Avy does that. It gives backcountry users a map to follow to safety.”

Steve Banks

Internationally Certified Mountain Guide, former CBAC Forecaster + Director

"The backcountry community needs visionaries and ambition. That’s why Beacon is excited to partner with Aspect Avy, who, at long last, is working solve a problem that needs solving”

Andy Sovick

Beacon Guidebooks, #1 Publisher in USA of Ski Terrain Atlases + Ski Maps, CBAC Board Member
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